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Crèche Care Bellville

Ages from 12 months - Grade R

Established in 2008, Creche Care is a proud member of the SA Childcare Association.

We have 7 classrooms, all catering to our different age groups.  Our specified curriculum is designed to provide a stimulating agenda for all children.  Assessments are done twice a year, followed by parent – teacher meetings.
We pride ourselves on being an educational facility where learning is FUN! 

Our mission:

No printed word nor spoken plea can teach young hearts what men should be.

Not all the books on all the shelves but what the Teachers are themselves.

“Fulfilling a great dream means having a great team"

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Professor Rachel Fanelwa Ajayi

I've had 3 children at this creche over a period of 10 years. Such a great service from the whole staff. The children are treated with kindness and care. Quality education at an affordable price.


Swancor House
29 Voortrekker Rd
Boston, Bellville
Cape Town

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